IEEE Communication Theory Workshop
26-29 May 2019 // Selfoss, Iceland


Tentative content

Keynote 1: Muriel Médard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Keynote 2: TBD
Keynote 3: TBD

Session 1: Security in Social Information Systems
Organizer: Anna Scaglione (Arizona State University)

Session 2: Resilience for Network Attacks
Organizer: Bruno Sinopoli (Carnegie Mellon University)

Session 3: Communications in the Real World: Theory & Experiments
Organizer: Howard Huang (Nokia Bell Labs)

Session 4: Communication Theory Core Topics
Organizer: Wei Yu (University of Toronto)

Session 5: Unconventional Communication: Emerging Modalities
Organizer: Maite Brandt-Pearce (University of Virginia)

Panel 1: Machine Learning: Salvation or Illusion?
Organizer: TBD

Panel 2: TBD

Poster Session:
Organizers: Nuria González Prelcic (The University of Texas at Austin) and Luca Sanguinetti (University of Pisa)

Poster Session: Data Bakeoff
Organizers: Erik G. Larsson (Linköping University) and Urbashi Mitra (University of Southern California)